EP 384: Transmission: A Wild Sheep Film

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Jesse Bone and Tash Baycroft of Filter Studios, and Director Dan Minsky to discuss their most recent documentary film for the Wild Sheep Society




EP 296: Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Janke and Wardo share lessons, highlights, and lowlights from their recent sheep hunt. From gear to skills and mindset, there’s something for everyone in this episode.


Don’t Be That Guy, By Adam Janke

We've all seen it. Maybe we've even been it. I know I have once or twice. That guy. The guy dragging ass while his hunting partner or buddies effortlessly push ...

Specificity, by Jeremy Meredith

Specificity is training to accommodate the unique demands of your task. For the mountain hunter and athlete that task is bustin’ ass through the unforgiving wilderness. There are unique demands ...

Periodization for the Mountain Athlete, by Jeremy Meredith

Periodization is simply the organization of training elements across time. This time could be as short as a few days or as long as multiple years. When we think about ...

How to Prep for Hunts by Training All Day, By Todd Bumgardner

What in the heck happened? You trained. It shouldn’t be like this. The problem is you made a mistake that a lot of hunters make while physically prepping for a ...

The Mental Wall: How to Get More Out of Yourself During Workouts, By Todd Bumgardner

A few weeks ago, I pulled my truck into my usual parking spot at my gym and just sat there, letting the music play. I wasn’t ready to go in. ...