Gymnastics is based in having control of your core. Creating shapes like hollow and arch lay the foundation for more complex movements. In our program, having control of your body as it moves through space is priority number one. Today we’ll follow a progression towards a candle stick (YouTube it). This exercise looks simple, but for the unpracticed, it’s anything but. Have fun on this one, your reward is a spicy lower body burner.

2 sets:
30-seconds cat/cow
20-seconds hollow hold
30-seconds cat/cow
20-seconds arch hold

2 sets:
10 bench or box shoot throughs
10 hollow overhead reach with plate

For 5 minutes, practice:
Candle sticks

5 rounds for time:
20 kettlebell swings
20 alternating box step-ups

*Post time and kettlebell weight to comments

Posted by Jeremy Meredith

  1. 50 lb, 7:13


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