5 sets, for quality:
30 seconds cat and cat stretch
30 seconds hollow hold
30 seconds arch hold

*Body weight mastery starts with core control. Being able to isometricaly contract the core against forces from within the body is a BASIC foundational movement skill.

Run 800m at an easy pace
8 rounds, for quality:
8 air squats *Keep the heels down and squat to a full depth: crease of the hips below the knees. Control this movement, no bouncing.
8 push-ups *Touch the chest and thighs to the floor at the bottom of every rep. Reach full extension at the top of every rep.
8 strict pull-ups *Come to a dead hang in the bottom of every rep: arms cover ears. Pull your chin all the way over the bar at the top of every rep.
Run 800m at an easy pace

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