Lawrence Weiss, Author at Beyond the Kill

Bombproof Legs, Foundations Block 1

The first day in our Bombproof Legs progression. This workout uses staple leg exercises to prepare you for hard and heavy hills. You’ll never shy away from a tough hike again.

EP 417: Guiding & Gear with Nolan Osborne

Adam welcomes Nolan back to the show to discuss his 2022 guiding season, tips for people looking to get into the guiding industry, and some real-world, hard-use gear highlights and lowlights from the 2022 season.

EP 416: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Where’s Your Head At?

In a departure from his very practical health and performance related material, Wardo touches on the importance of perspective as his hunting season winds down.

EP 415: What Mountain Caribou Dreams Are Made Of…

On this episode, Adam is joined yet again by Tanner from Frontiersmen Gear to discuss his exciting new film project and hear the story from his recent Mountain Caribou hunt in a highly coveted limited-entry unit in

EP 414: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Staying Resilient Isn’t Complicated

Wardo covers his go to exercises when time is short and you’re trying to balance work, hunting as much as possible, and the demands of family and day-to-day life.

EP 413: Three Bulls In Three Weeks

On this episode, Adam, Big T, and newcomer “Karaoke Chris” share some laughs, stories, and insights from their elk hunts this past September.

EP 412: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Quit F&*king Shoe Shaming!

Wardo has seen a trend with his clinical patients coming in with foot, calf and knee injuries pertaining to the footwear they feel they’re “supposed” to wear.

EP 411: Engineering Over Marketing with Mr. G of Spartan Precision

On this episode, Adam hosts the one and only Mr. G, founder of Spartan Precision Equipment, to discuss his company’s approach to design and engineering and why this differentiates Spartan Precision from so many marketing driven

EP 410: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – There’s No Offseason For These Two Parts of Your Body

Wardo gives a few tips and tricks to mobilize your t-spine (aka your midback) and hips throughout the hunting season.

EP 409: The Global Hunt for Adventure with Field Ethos

On this episode, Adam visits with Mike Schoby, COO of Field Ethos, to hear the story behind Field Ethos, and discuss worldwide adventures, trophy hunting, tribalism and labelling within the hunting community, the value of breadth