EP 385 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Post Backpack Hunt Recovery

Wardo gives some tips to help get back into the groove after two weeks away from the mountains. This is especially important if you have a bunch of back-to-back hunts from August to November!

EP 384: Transmission: A Wild Sheep Film

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Jesse Bone and Tash Baycroft of Filter Studios, and Director Dan Minsky to discuss their most recent documentary film for the Wild Sheep Society of BC, Transmission, about M.ovi in

EP 383 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Fitness Tips Learned From Haida Gwaii Blacktail Hunt

Wardo was just on Haida Gwaii chasing alpine blacktails with his bow and has a few observations on what he thought was the most useful part of his training leading up to the hunt and

The White Ram: EP06 – Inside Arctic Red River Outfitters with Ben Stourac

On the last episode of the White Ram series, Adam visits with Ben Stourac, who has spent the last 10 seasons guiding at one of the most well-known and respected outfits in the NWT, Arctic

EP 382: Ovis Stone – Technical Gear for Guides, By Guides

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Brendan Kelly, founder of Ovis Stone. Ovis Stone is a technical apparel company in its early stages based out of British Columbia, designed by guides for the dedicated

EP 381 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Tapering for Shorter Duration Early Season Trips

If you have big fall goals of a 14-day trip then don’t let smaller, easier 4-day hunts get in the way of your goal. Listen in on Wardo’s opinion on why you shouldn’t taper your

The White Ram: EP05 – Spotlight on Alaska with Kevin Kehoe & Gray Thornton

On this episode of the White Ram series, Adam visits with Kevin Kehoe, President & CEO of the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation chapter, and Gray Thornton, President & CEO of WSF. Kevin and Gray share their perspectives

EP 380: Wild Fire For Thinhorn Sheep with Josh Hamilton of WSSBC

In this episode, Nolan sits down again with Josh Hamilton, Wild Sheep Society of BC Director, passionate sheep conservationist, and hunter. Josh has been spearheading the WSSBC’s northern burns project and working with several different

EP 379 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – How To Get The Jump on Painful and Acute Neck Pain

The host dives into his clinical background for some tips on how to overcome some acute neck pain. You know the type…when you have to turn at the waist to shoulder check. Listen in for

EP 378: Frontiersmen Gear -Tanner Dannish

In this episode, Nolan sits down once again with Tanner Dannish, Owner & Founder of Frontiersmen Gear, to talk about the Ridgeline knife series coming out, some exciting growth in the business, and some personal