EP 377 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Isaac Smith of Vector Arrows on Managing Business, Family and Fitness

On this episode, Wardo sits down with Isaac Smith, founder of Vector Arrows, to help him figure out the most efficient way to tackle his physical preparation for hunting season.

The White Ram: EP04 – Guiding & Outfitting for Dall’s Sheep with Glenda Groat of Canol Outfitters

Glenda brings an expansive history of hunting, guiding and outfitting to this episode. From what it takes to pursue your dreams as a guide and outfitter, to the keys to selecting the right Dall’s hunt

EP 376: The Gunwerks Nexus with Landon Michaels

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Landon Micheals, Gunwerks Brand Manager, to discuss their eye-raising new Nexus rifle platform. Aluminum action, user interchangeable barrels, adjustable trigger shoe… the list goes on. Landon breaks down the platform

EP 375 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – IT Band Syndrome….It Ain’t What Ya Think

In this episode of Quick and Dirty, the host pulls back a couple of myths about the most commonly mistreated knee pain ITB Syndrome. If you have suffered from this in the past or currently

EP 374: Sheep Fever: The Less Than 1 Club with Keith Balfourd & Maddie Pennaz

In this episode, Adam sits down with the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Keith Balfourd and Maddie Pennaz to discuss the mighty Less Than 1 Club… the only club you want to be kicked out of. Since

EP 373 Quick & Dirty with Wardo – Wardo’s Top Picks for Lower Abdominal Exercise

In this episode of Quick & Dirty, the host dives into the correlation between lower abdominal strength and back pain. If you aren’t doing some more targeted lower abdominal exercises then listen up, this one is

The White Ram: EP03 – Thinhorn Summit III with Kevin Hurley

On this episode of the White Ram series, Adam visits with Kevin Hurley to discuss the history of the WSF Thinhorn Summits I & II and the issues discussed in the most recent Thinhorn Summit

EP 372: “In The Blood” with Jack Carr

Adam sits down once again with the illustrious Jack Carr. The boys catch up on some of Jack’s latest hunting adventures, and dive deep into his latest novel, “In The Blood”, available May 17th. “In The

EP 371: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Foot Rehab: Exercises You Need

In this episode of Quick & Dirty, the host digs into a simple exercise that is even FUN, yes that’s right, fun to do a few times a week to help rehabilitate and strengthen your

In The Field: Spartan Precision Equipment, By Matthew Ward

Last year we connected with Spartan Precision to put the Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod and Ascent Tripod to the test through a proper set of hunts in Northern BC, from the August 1st sheep opener