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EP 426: The Wild Sheep Society of BC Sheep Summit

On this episode, Adam hosts Kyle Stelter and Chris Barker from the Wild Sheep Society of BC to talk about the BC Sheep Summit that was recently held in Prince George, BC. A new approach

EP 425: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Focus On A Strong Back for Healthy Shoulders

Wardo points out the most common technical flaw in the way people train their back when doing horizontal pulling exercises. These simple tips will greatly increase strength, improve posture, especially when it comes to carrying

The Sacrificial Ram, By Alexander Sharif

As I do on all my non-North American mountain hunts, I dedicate a fair amount of time to studying the animal’s taxonomy, behavior, maturity recognition, hunting style, and the terrain. For the Aoudad, let me

EP 424: Training for 2023 – Setting Goals & Priorities

On this episode, Adam, Wardo, and the mastermind behind the BTK training program, Jer, discuss planning for next year and why priority-based, intentional training is critical for the dedicated mountain or backcountry hunter.

EP 423: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Blood Flow Restriction for Chronic Injuries

It’s the time of year when those chronic or repetitive injuries and problem areas of the body that have stacked up over the season should be addressed. In this episode, Wardo discusses some new research

EP 422: Inside Your Boots: Waterproof Membranes & Technologies with Kendall Card

On this episode, Adam is joined by Kendall Card from Crispi USA to discuss the dark arts of how boots are made to be waterproof through various technologies and manufacturing techniques, how and why your boots might

EP 421: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Your Hamstrings Aren’t Worth a Stretch

Wardo builds on the last two podcasts regarding the low-back but now gives you some tools to figure out if your hamstrings are actually tight and part of the problem. Spoiler alert they probably aren’t.

EP 420: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Your Hips: When to Stretch & When to Strengthe

Carrying on from last week’s episode focused on pesky low-back pain, Wardo covers how your hips relate to low-back problems, as well as other commonly sore/injured body parts. Do you need to stretch more or

EP 419: Late-Season, System-Based Principles with John Barklow

On this episode, Adam welcomes John Barklow back to the show to talk about the principles of staying warm, dry, and focused while enduring long sits in cold weather.

EP 418: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – A Beginner’s Guide to Pesky Low Back Pain

Wardo chats about his clinical and personal experience with low back pain and how to start addressing this pesky and common issue. If your low back pinches as you lean back or hurts/pulls when you