EP 365: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Pain in the Front of the Hip… Listen Up

Wardo dives into how that snapping sound usually is created in the front of the hip. Whether it’s painful or not, it’s something you want to take care of. Listen for a quick assessment and

The White Ram: EP01 – A New Series from WSF Dedicated to Dall’s Sheep

With this episode we bring you a new podcast mini-series from WSF that is dedicated to Dall’s sheep and the pursuit of the venerable White Ram. In this series, we’ll talk to stakeholders from across

EP364: Hunting Goats & Mountain Boots with Kendall Card

Adam sits down with Kendall Card of Crispi USA to talk about… you guessed it, boots. Kendall dives into Crispi’s new lineup of boots for the mountain hunter, and they talk about Kendall’s recent mountain

EP 363: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – A Backcountry Hunter’s Bang for Buck Accessory Work

In this episode of Quick and Dirty with Wardo, Matt sits down with Jeremy Meredith to shoot the shit about what accessory work is an absolute must for the mountain hunter.

EP362: Devotion to Conservation with Darryn Epp

Nolan sits down with Darryn Epp to talk about conservation, photography, and hunting culture. Darryn is not only an incredible wildlife photographer but a passionate conservationist that sits on the board with the Rocky Mountain

EP 361: Quick and Dirty with Wardo, The Purpose of Doing a Workout the Way it’s Intended

Jeremy and Wardo both know the importance of following programming the way it is intended, not just say “secret ingredient” and have you carry on. Doing the simple things correctly is often the way to

Precision Insights: EP06 – The Anatomy of a Mountain Rifle (Repost)

On this episode of Precision Insights, Omer and Nolan Discuss the makings of a “perfect” mountain rifle. This one is long but packed with info, so sit back and enjoy. This episode is a repost of

EP360: Gear Designed for Adventure: Argali with Brad Brooks

Adam sits down with Brad Brooks, Owner and Founder of Argali Outdoors. From their first film to their knives, gamebags, and tents today, the passion and commitment to the outdoors and quality gear show in

EP 359: Quick and Dirty with Wardo, Inconsistent Archery and Your Neck

The host touches on how your upper back and neck can be the cause for inconsistencies when shooting your bow. Listen to understand how and to hear a couple of quick fixes you can do

Don’t Be That Guy, By Adam Janke

We’ve all seen it. Maybe we’ve even been it. I know I have once or twice. That guy. The guy dragging ass while his hunting partner or buddies effortlessly push for the saddle.