Spences Bridge Sheep Count: Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia by Mark Trousdell

The Wild Sheep Society of BC hosts the annual Spences Bridge Sheep Count in early April of each year, volunteers dust off their binoculars and spotters and make the journey to Spences Bridge to locate,

Leaving the Nest, By Jeff Lund

At some point you leave the nest. In my case, it was post-college, after I took a teaching job in California. When I say leaving the nest, I don’t mean in the traditional sense —

Episode 102: The Guide Life with Nolan Osborne

On this show, Adam is joined by his good friend, and the star of Toeing the Line (TTL), Nolan Osborne. Anyone that has watched our TTL film will know that Nolan is one hell of

6.5 PRC – The King of the Mountain? By Nolan Osborne

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed the 6.5’s have taken the shooting world by storm in recent years. Touting long, heavy for caliber, high ballistic-coefficient (BC) bullets, long-range competitors and hunters

Highs, Lows, and In-Betweens, By Hunter Lampreau

Three years ago, my lifelong hunting mentor and — conveniently — my Father, George Lampreau, asked me if I wanted to put a Limited Entry Hunt (LEH) application in for any specific unit in B.C.

Episode 101: A Systems Approach to Glassing

In this episode, Adam and Chris talk about the story behind The Outdoorsmans (you’ll want to hear that one), and then take a deep dive into all things glassing related. Growing up in Arizona, Chris

Episode 100: The Return of Donnie Vincent

Here it is folks! Episode 100, a big milestone for the BTK show. First off, we wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone that has tuned in and supported the show over the

Episode 99: The Reasons We Hunt with Aaron Hitchins of Rockhouse Motion

On this episode, Adam is joined by Aaron Hitchins, one of the guys at Rockhouse Motion. They are, without a doubt, one of the best in the business when it comes to film and photography

Episode 98: Quick Hit Gear Review

On this episode, Adam is joined by his GSP Toby for a quick hit “in-between-isode” and reviews some highly versatile gear and equipment he’s been putting to the test over the past while. He covers

Episode 97: How to Ignite a Movement with BHA

On this episode, Adam, Mike and Kelly sit down with a full crew from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. They are joined by Land Tawney and Ty Stubblefield from BHA HQ and Bill Hanlon and