The first day in our Bombproof Legs progression. This workout uses staple leg exercises to prepare you for hard and heavy hills. You’ll never shy away from a tough hike again.

3 sets:
10 Cats/Cows
10 Alternating dead bugs
10 Goblet squats @22X1
No rest between exercises

*Notes: @22X1 refers to the tempo of the lift. When reading tempo, always start from the top of the lift. Ex. 2 seconds down, 2 seconds pause at the bottom, eXplode up, 1-second reset at the top.

5 sets:
Squat variation (Back squat, front squat, goblet squat) x6 reps @22X1,
Rest 90-seconds between sets

*Notes: Use a weight that feels like a 7-8/10 effort for all 5 sets. Be strict on your tempo!

3 sets:
10 Reps per side, Bulgarian split squat, no rest
20 reps, Dumbbell RDL, rest 90 seconds

3 sets:
20 reps per side, Single-leg hip thrust from bench, no rest
5 reps per side, Half Turkish get-up, no rest


BTK Mountain Hunter Program

Posted by Lawrence Weiss

  1. How many weeks do you do each foundation for I.e foundation 1 – 2 weeks?

  2. Hey Mick, the foundation is what we are building. The block is a mess cycle.

    As you follow along it will change to foundations block 2 then three.

    It’s set up so you can just start and keep rolling day after day.

    Keep the questions coming and post your results!

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