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EP 292: Backpack Sheep Hunt Gear List

On this episode, Adam sits down with Wardo to review their respective gear lists for their upcoming backpack sheep hunt.

Cold Weather Layering With Beyond Clothing – Expedition Layering Systems Pt 2

In this article, I’ll cover the gear that’s most applicable for late-season pursuits, but don’t read this as a late-season-only overview. Think about where and when you hunt and the environmental variables you typically encounter

Warm Weather Layering with Beyond Clothing – Expedition Layering Systems

When it comes to the backcountry, quality technical clothing is an incredible asset. The ability to regulate moisture and body temperature across a wide range of environments — and exertion levels– is nothing short of

Wound Ballistics: A Bullet’s Life on the Inside, By Mike McTee

When you turn to shooting experts, they often cite personal experience and manufacturer testing. In some cases, they shoot bullets into ballistic gels or similar mediums intended to replicate animal or human tissue. These tests

Backcountry Medpacks

Having a well-prepared medpack when going into the mountains or wilderness is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The serious and responsible backcountry hunter must be prepared to deal with everything from minor injuries

Pack Dump: Late Season Gear List

The key to making these hunts as enjoyable as possible is through moisture management — achieved by understanding and applying base layers. Dry = Warm, Wet = Frozen, the faster you understand this the happier

The 6.5 PRC – Revisited, By Nolan Osborne

Now to some, comparing it to the 270 Winchester may sound slanderous, and it’s certainly not a calibre that generates much excitement these days, but the truth is it’s effective.

Backcountry Backpacks 101, By Nolan Osborne

As with every other facet of the hunting world, when it comes to packs the market is grossly oversaturated. There is no shortage of companies manufacturing backpacks for hunters these days, and it can be

JOMH 2019 Elk Hunting Gear

The first elk hunt of the year took us to the Kootenay region of southern British Columbia in mid-September. While we would be hunting the rut, we knew that our area of focus was not

Top Picks: Standout Gear

At the Journal, we firmly believe that the gear does not make the hunter and should never be a barrier to entry, especially when you are starting out. That said, it is our experience that