Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

EP 407: The Gunwerks Paradigm Shift

On this episode, Adam visits with Landon Michaels from Gunwerks to talk about the past, present, and future of the company with special attention paid to the current paradigm shift within the organization.

EP 406: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Keeping Your Feet Pack Out Ready During Hunting Season

Wardo dives into some easy and effective tips for keeping your feet and lower extremities (aka lower legs) ready for those heavy pack outs during hunting season. Even if you don’t experience any foot, ankle,

EP 405: Hunting Elk Pockets in Tight Timber with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersmen Gear (Repost)

On this episode, Adam visits with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersmen Gear to talk elk hunting and the strategies and tactics he’s used for consistent success over the years.

EP 404: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Hydration…Time To Get Salty

Wardo covers the basic science of hydration and why electrolytes matter and then provides some tips on how to hydrate in the field so you can hunt hard day in and day out, regardless of

EP 403: 2022 Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Adam and Wardo recount the story of their August 2022 Stone’s sheep hunt in Northern BC.

EP 402: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Do you pronate? You Better For The Sake Of Your Knees

Wardo shares some tips and tricks that will help your feet, ankles, and knees, and save you money by avoiding expensive insoles you may not even need.

EP 401: Elk Vocalizations & Elk Behavior with Chris Roe (Repost)

On this episode, Adam is joined by Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources (RHR) to discuss elk behavior, elk calling, scouting and hunting strategies, and hunting tough country. If you’ve got an elk hunt planned

EP 400: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Dealing with Knee Pain Post-Hunt Part 2

If you’ve ever been unsure of your next steps after fixing an injury, tune in to hear how Wardo plans to keep his knees healthy over the rest of the season now that his knee

EP 399: What We Can Learn From Axis Deer with Jake Muise of Maui Nui Venison

On this episode, Adam hosts Jake Muise, arguably one of the world’s foremost experts on Axis deer and their impact on the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the founder of Maui Nui Venison.

EP 398 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Last Minute Archer’s Shoulder Rehab

If you’re scrambling to get ready and are squeezing in a ton of reps before your first hunt, then try these exercises to keep your shoulders happy and avoid overuse injuries or issues so you