EP362: Devotion to Conservation with Darryn Epp

Nolan sits down with Darryn Epp to talk about conservation, photography, and hunting culture. Darryn is not only an incredible wildlife photographer but a passionate conservationist that sits on the board with the Rocky Mountain

EP 361: Quick and Dirty with Wardo, The Purpose of Doing a Workout the Way it’s Intended

Jeremy and Wardo both know the importance of following programming the way it is intended, not just say “secret ingredient” and have you carry on. Doing the simple things correctly is often the way to

Precision Insights: EP06 – The Anatomy of a Mountain Rifle (Repost)

On this episode of Precision Insights, Omer and Nolan Discuss the makings of a “perfect” mountain rifle. This one is long but packed with info, so sit back and enjoy. This episode is a repost of

EP360: Gear Designed for Adventure: Argali with Brad Brooks

Adam sits down with Brad Brooks, Owner and Founder of Argali Outdoors. From their first film to their knives, gamebags, and tents today, the passion and commitment to the outdoors and quality gear show in

EP 359: Quick and Dirty with Wardo, Inconsistent Archery and Your Neck

The host touches on how your upper back and neck can be the cause for inconsistencies when shooting your bow. Listen to understand how and to hear a couple of quick fixes you can do

EP 358: Living The Good Life with MARLON’s Bruce Cameron

Adam Janke sits down with  Bruce Cameron, President, and CEO of MARLON Products. MARLON has been in the distribution and production of outdoor recreation products for those who seek adventure across British Columbia for over

EP 357: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Tempo Training Makes The Hard Yards Easier

Wardo and Jeremy sit down to dive into the benefits of tempo training during your lifts. From injury prevention, stronger muscles, and increasing range of motion just to name a few the benefits are endless.

Precision Insights: EP05 – Don’t F*cking Guess! Get a F*cking Rangefinder!

From Beyond The Kill and the founder of Precision Optics, Omer Hrbinic, Precision Insights brings you bi-weekly in-depth analysis and breakdown of the most important equipment that you will buy as a mountain and backcountry hunter. Precision

EP 356: The Unintended Kuiu Gear Review: Winter Backpacking with Lorne Trousdell & Justin Davies

Nolan sits down with Justin Davies and Lorne Trousdell, to talk about their February goat trip. The boys cover the environmental challenges, the gear that did and did not work, and some long-range shooting discussion.

EP 355: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, A full year of free programming!

Wardo sits down with Jeremy Meredith to discuss where to start, how to start and how to navigate the years worth of mountain athlete programming he has put together for the JOMH and BTK nation!