EP 354: HOWL for Wildlife

Adam visits with Charles Whitwam, founder of HOWL for Wildlife, to discuss what HOWL is and why it is a critical tool that hunters need NOW. Howl For Wildlife is the first action-oriented portal where

Act Now: BC’s Caribou & Moose Closure’s

Nolan is invited to sit down with a number of podcast hosts throughout the province to discuss the proposed closure of caribou hunting and the reduction of moose hunting in region 7B. With less than

EP353: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Strength is the Glass with Jeremy Meredith

The host sits down with Jeremy Meredith of CF Vernon to discuss why strength is the most important piece for general physical preparedness. The metaphorical cup can be increased by adding strength to your body

Precision Insights: EP04 – So You Want To Be A Sheep Hunter? Buy A Quality Tripod

Omer Hrbinic and Adam break down the importance of quality tripods, and why they aren’t all equal. You don’t need to break the bank to create a stable glassing system, but you do need one

EP 352: The Future of Wild Sheep Conservation with Gray Thornton

Gray shares the phenomenal results from this year’s Sheep Show convention and then transitions into his team’s vision for the future of wild sheep conservation across North America and around the world.

EP 351: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Knee Pain Isn’t Always Knee Problems…

Don’t let multiple small injuries end your mountain hunting career. I have heard time and time again that I gotta get X trip now because my knees are getting bad or my back is getting

EP 350: The True Meaning of Trophy Hunting with Jason Matzinger

Jason has been a fixture in hunting media for more than a decade and brings his experience and perspective to bear on a variety of topics in his discussion with Adam. The two spend a

EP 349: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Specificity for the Mountain Athlete with Jeremy Meredith

Wardo sits down with Jeremy Meredith to discuss specificity for the mountain athlete. Specificity is a huge topic from ranges of motion, to specific exercise and what fuel source is best in the country.

Precision Insights: EP03 – So You Want To Be A Sheep Hunter? Buy A Better Spotter

On the second episode of Precision Insights, Omer Hrbinic walks Adam through the intricacies of spotting scopes, and why they aren’t all equal. Whether you’re a seasoned sheep hunter looking to upgrade, or new to

EP 348: The FORLOH Way

With an emphasis on innovative textile technologies, a direct-to-consumer model that keeps prices reasonable, and a commitment to being 100% designed, sourced, and manufactured in the USA, FORLOH has quickly become a brand worth paying