Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

Episode 6: Building Strength and Endurance For The Backcountry

In Episode 6 of the Beyond The Kill podcast Adam introduces the team and concepts behind the latest project from the JOMH, their new online training and fitness platform The concept that is MTNSTRONG

Episode 5: Sharing Bowhunting Tips & Adventures With Cam Foss

In Episode 5 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Cam Foss, one of the most hard-charging mountain hunters in the industry today. Cam was basically born with a bow in his hands so

Episode 4: Becoming A Wilderness Athlete with Mark Paulsen

In Episode 4 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Mark Paulsen, founder of Wilderness Athlete. This represents our second episode dedicated to backcountry nutrition and performance, this time with an emphasis on supplementation. Mark

Episode 3: Long Range Hunting and Ethics with Aaron Davidson CEO of Gunwerks LLC

In Episode 3 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Aaron Davidson, founder and CEO of Gunwerks LLC. Aaron is an expert and thought leader in all things long range shooting and hunting. Gunwerks’

Episode 2: Backcountry Nutrition and Performance with Heather Kelly

In Episode 2 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Heather Kelly, founder of Heather’s Choice Adventure Meals. Heather is an expert in the realm of backcountry and sports nutrition and founded her backpacking

Episode 1: Who We Are with Donnie Vincent

In the very first episode of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Donnie Vincent, renowned bowhunter, film maker, and co-founder of SICMANTA Multimedia. In the hunting and outdoors media, Donnie and his team are