Interview With LifeStraw

When traveling in the backcountry water represents both a savior and a burden. We depend on water to sustain ourselves, yet at the same time it represents extra weight and volume that demands space in

Backcountry Boot Showdown

Over the past year I have been on a long and frustrating search for a new pair of mountain hunting boots. The tried and true Zamberlans I wore for 5 years finally fell apart last

Busting Bone, By Dr. Ed Ashby

The Ashby reports are graciously compiled and published free of charge by the folks at Alaska Bowhunting Supply and are readily available to anyone that visits their website.  These reports are a wealth of knowledge

An Interview With Steven Rinella

Meat – it’s why many of us hunt today and it’s why our ancestors hunted thousands upon thousands of years ago.  In most scientific circles, the consumption of meat is held responsible for the growth

Backcountry Recovery Strategies, By Field Editor And RMT Matt Thompson

Physical day to day recovery is one of the most important aspects of a successful multi-day backcountry hunt. With adequate preparation the first few days in the mountains can be handled with relative ease, and

An Interview With Remi Warren, Host of Apex Predator In our opinion there are few things as inspiring as the stories of those willing to take the path less traveled. The history books are full of examples of explorers, prospectors, pioneers, and

Head To Head – The 6.5 -284 Norma Vs The .300 Win Mag, By Danen Lynn

The 6.5-284 Norma, popular among long range match shooters, has become one of Gunwerks’ favorite long range hunting cartridges. By the end of this article, you’ll be thinking good and hard about making this your

An Interview With Gray Thornton, CEO Of Wild Sheep Foundation Conservation in the modern sense can be a counter intuitive concept to many non-hunters. The idea that those that spend a large portion of their year planning, researching and preparing to kill the very

The Women Of Weatherby, By Rachel Ahtila Throughout history, both men and women have played prominent roles in the wild history of North America. A number of women’s skills and enthusiasm for the shooting and outdoor sports has been well documented

An Interview with Heather Kelly, Founder of Heather’s Choice Food. Not only is it a biological necessity, but a true deal breaker in the backcountry. For mountain and wilderness hunters, there’s a constant cost benefit analysis being played out between weight and calories