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Gymnastics is based in having control of your core. Creating shapes like hollow and arch lay the foundation for more complex movements. In our program, having control of your body as it moves through space


The workout Cindy is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout. Keep the focus here on quality movement and full range of motion. You can break the sets up as needed and I’d recommend you think about


Rest Day. If you’re hitting the gym today, you can make up from a workout you missed in the last 3-day block. If you manage to hit all of the last 3 workouts then take


Ground based movement is an underutilized tool in traditional training. As we developed, we spent a lot of time on both our hands and feet. As we mature, we lose this ability and the cost


Strength and balance are the flavour of today’s training. Embrace the struggle and be grateful you have a body that you can challenge. 2 rounds: 10 reps per side, adductor dip 10 reps per side,


Overhead pressing strength is one of the simplest ways to develop healthy shoulders. The key is working at appropriate loads and moving through full range of motion. Make sure you’re staying strict and not cheating


Rest Day. If you planned today as a training day then go back within the last few days of programming and make up for something you missed.


Today starts with some lower body restoration and prehab work and finishes with at classic CrossFit style “Chipper” workout. Chippers are typically longer workouts that you “chip” away at until finished. Complete all the reps


Today’s training is body-weight only and will get you out of your normal exercise routine. Body weight competency is incredibly important in the development of a well-rounds athlete and these movements will help with that


Rest Day. Week 1 of our GPP training model is a wrap. How did it go for you? The workouts should feel like they are short and effective. It’s likely that the intensity has left