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Today has us moving outside of the sagittal plane again. This type of training is extremely important for general physical preparedness. Including warm-up circuits like this once or twice a week is all it takes


Today’s workout starts off with some fundamental gymnastics exercises. One of the key performance indicators for fitness is body control. Having some level of mastery when it comes to your own body is extremely important


Today’s training is focused more on upper-body accessory exercises. You should be able to complete a workout like this in 45-minutes or less. Prioritize intensity on the bench press sets and make sure to use


Rest Day The 3 on, 1 off training schedule has you taking a rest day every 4th day. This is the ideal training schedule to allow for recovery after 3 hard days of training in


Today’s training is a little longer and lives more on the enduring end of the spectrum. We are starting with some basic non-sagittal plane movements to prioritize joint range of motion that is challenging to


Today’s training has two distinct pieces that are unique in their own design. First, is a gymnastics strength and stamina piece. In this piece, you’ll want to prioritize movement quality an range of motion. Treat


If you pay attention to our post labels, you’ll notice a change this week. We have concluded our In-Season training block and will now start a lengthy post-season/off-season training cycle. This training will be heavily

In-Season, Week 13, Day 7

2+ hour ruck with full pack weight, difficult terrain

In-Season, Week 13, Day 6

60-90 min ruck with full pack weight, easy terrain

In-Season, Week 13, Day 5

The push press is a fantastic exercise for learning the proper transfer of force through core to extremity. Core to extremity is a principal of functional movements in CrossFit. It means that functional movements start