Deadlift variation 20X1
3 sets of 8 reps to warm up to a tough set for 8 reps. Then…
8, 8, 8+ reps, 90-seconds rest between sets
*In this workout, you’ll perform 3 heavy sets of 8 reps. After each set, if you feel like you could have performed more than 2 additional reps, you’ll add weight. In the third and final set, you’ll perform as many reps as possible.
Specific to the deadlift, we are often able to lift more weight than we can demonstrate strong technique with. Focus on movement quality and let that be your limit.

5 sets:
5 reps, barbell push press, no rest
20 reps, Russian kettlebell swing, 90-second rest

4 sets:
10 reps per leg, floor slider hamstring curl, no rest
10 reps, tough push-ups, 60-seconds rest

5 sets:
100-foot single-arm farmers carry (right), no rest
100-foot single-arm farmers carry (left), 60-seconds rest

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