The pull-up is one of those exercises that may actually save your life one day. If you don’t have a pull-up then it’s time for some real talk. Get your shit together. Lose some weight, and start taking your training more seriously. Rant, over.

3 rounds, for quality:
30-seconds per side, Samson stretch
20 alternating kettlebell halos
20 steps walking lunge

Weighted pull-up 5-5-5-5-5-5
*In SIX sets, build to one heavy set of 5 reps weighted pull-up
*If you don’t have weighted or strict pull-ups then start with an easy-moderate difficulty and increase the difficulty until you reach a 5-rep max

5 sets, heavy across:
6 reps per side, single-arm dumbbell push press
30-seconds rest between sides

EMOM x15:
1. 10 supine body rows
2. 40-seconds right side plank
3. 40-seconds left side plank

Posted by Jeremy Meredith

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