It’s time to start getting boots on the ground. Today you have a choice of either hiking or running. If you have the ability to get out for a short 60-minute hike then make it happen. Try to include some steeper sections that challenge you.
If you’re not near the trails or can’t hike then hit an easy 30-60 minute zone 1 run. This type of training is as important as ever!

Hike for 60+ minutes on variable terrain


30-60 minutes run at zone 1

Zone 1 – Very easy with little to no impact on respiratory rate
Zone 2 – Easy but able to maintain a conversation without interruption
Zone 3 – Moderate but sustainable for 1+ hours. 5-10 words without interruption
Zone 4 – Hard but sustainable for ~10 minutes. 2-3 words before interruption.
Zone 5 – 97% effort for the given duration.

Posted by Jeremy Meredith

  1. 3.5 miles hiking the local mountain bike trails w 40 lb pack


  2. Nice! What are you using to weight your pack?


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