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EP 365: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Pain in the Front of the Hip… Listen Up

Wardo dives into how that snapping sound usually is created in the front of the hip. Whether it’s painful or not, it’s something you want to take care of. Listen for a quick assessment and

EP 356: The Unintended Kuiu Gear Review: Winter Backpacking with Lorne Trousdell & Justin Davies

Nolan sits down with Justin Davies and Lorne Trousdell, to talk about their February goat trip. The boys cover the environmental challenges, the gear that did and did not work, and some long-range shooting discussion.

Precision Insights: EP04 – So You Want To Be A Sheep Hunter? Buy A Quality Tripod

Omer Hrbinic and Adam break down the importance of quality tripods, and why they aren’t all equal. You don’t need to break the bank to create a stable glassing system, but you do need one

EP 350: The True Meaning of Trophy Hunting with Jason Matzinger

Jason has been a fixture in hunting media for more than a decade and brings his experience and perspective to bear on a variety of topics in his discussion with Adam. The two spend a

EP 344: BC Bighorns – Managing Access vs Managing Wildlife with Hunter Lampreau & Jeff Agostinho

NMO sits down with Hunter Lampreau & Jeff Agostinho to discuss the evolving and contentious matter of BC’s proposed Bighorn Sheep LEH in Reg 4, and BC’s continued history of managing for access vs managing

Periodization for the Mountain Athlete, by Jeremy Meredith

Periodization is simply the organization of training elements across time. This time could be as short as a few days or as long as multiple years. When we think about periodization from a practical standpoint,

EP 338: Late Season/Cold Weather Gear Breakdown

Nolan takes the mic solo to cover late-season/cold weather layering and sleeping systems, as well as the importance of safety. He breaks down what has worked for him, and what to avoid to keep you

EP 336: 15 Years of Sheep Hunting with Ben Stourac

Nolan sits down with Ben Stourac, Sheep Guide and Owner/Outfitter of Arcadia Outfitting, to talk sheep. Ben has over 15 years of guiding experience, and relives some of his earlier memories chasing twisters, along with

EP 334: The “Goat Father” – Coastal Goat Hunting with Marvin Kwiatkowski

Nolan sits down with Marvin Kwiatkowski – @bcbillies – a fellow BC outdoorsman, avid goat hunter, conservationist. Marvin has always been an outspoken advocate for goat hunting and conservation and has done much for the BC hunting

EP 333: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, The Best Hip Work You’re Not Doing

Wardo dives into some of the best hacks for increasing hip range of motion and strengthening those hip flexors which you should probably stop stretching…