Total body training is about connecting the upper and lower halves of your body through functional movements. These movements often challenge you in different planes of motion (frontal and transverse). We almost always perform a variety of single-arm and single-leg exercises. These exercises are performed with less than a full recovery so we can maximize our fitness as well as our functional strength.

5-4-3-2-1 reps for load:
Turkish get-up
30-seconds rest between sides

4 sets:
12 steps, dumbbell walking lunges
60-seconds rest between sets

4 sets:
10 right-arm dumbbell push press, no rest
50′ right-arm dumbbell overhead carry, no rest
10 left-arm dumbbell push press, no rest
50′ left-arm dumbbell overhead carry, 60-seconds rest

Posted by Jeremy Meredith

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